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'moonbeam' whipped body butter

'moonbeam' whipped body butter


shipping caution:

unfortunately, during the warmer months (both here, in our beautifully seasonal state of maryland, and wherever you might be), we cannot not ship our body butters due to their temperature sensitivity :(  while they absolutely maintain their efficacy, the butters change their state when warmed - deflating somewhat and losing their 'whip'.  sure, they'll still work wonderfully...but they'll lack that amazing fluffy, silky quality - and we certainly don't want you to miss out on that - so, please wait for the cooler months (below 75 degrees both here and there) and then stock up!  

we know this is kind of a bummer...we just want to be certain you have the freshest, most perfect product possible...and we don't want to add any preservatives or stabilizers - that just wouldn't be 'us' - so, thanks for understanding :)


'moonbeam' is a soothing, calming blend with powerful anti-inflammatory properties, promoting increased circulation, healing and providing deep, rich moisturizing benefits - designed for daily use, ideal before bed to promote restful sleep.  each jar contains 12 oz of whipped body butter.


apply a small amount to desired areas and gently, but thoroughly, massage into skin.  


essential oil of lavender with 100% pure shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil,  sweet almond oil and witch hazel.


contains nut oils and butters, for external use only.  please refer to the safety first page on our website for additional information and instructions.

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