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facts about fizzles

what is a bath fizzle?

the ‘truth’ is in the name! you may have also heard these types of products called bath ‘bombs’ – doesn’t sound very relaxing, does it? the good news is, they don’t actually explode, but many brands out there are loaded with a bunch of silly stuff you don’t actually need – synthetic fragrance oils, unnecessary coloring agents, plant seeds and petals…some even have little toys that magically appear from the center as the ‘bomb’ breaks down in your bath! these might be fun for your kids, but let’s face it – how many miniature rubber duckies does one really need? and who on earth wants to scrub rainbow-colored residue and kiwi seeds out of the tub afterward? not this gal...we're supposed to be relaxing, remember!?!

enter the ‘truth’ bath fizzle – made from just a handful of all-natural ingredients (see below), blended in careful balance. the resultant mixture is pressed into simple molds for a few minutes, then the formed fizzle is removed and left to cure (dry) for about 24 hours prior to packaging.

what do they do?

when added to a warm water, the ingredients work together to turn a normal bath into a luxury spa experience that not only soothes your skin and quiets your mind, but is also really, really good for you!

baking soda a natural cleanser and gentle exfoliant
corn starch soothes itchy skin and softens the water to a beautiful silky texture
epsom salts eases pain, boots serotonin levels and draws harmful toxins from your system
citric acid increases collagen production, loaded with antioxidants to fight free radicals
sweet almond oil a deep moisturizer, loaded with age-defying vitamins, great for all skin types
witch hazel a powerful astringent for toning skin and dramatically reducing inflammation
essential oils different blends do different things!  check out the amazing therapeutic properties of each of our blends.

so, what makes it fizzle?

two of the ingredients listed above are responsible for the delightful bubbling produced when you drop the fizzle into water.

• citric acid is a weak, organic acid. it’s a white, crystalline powder which is often used as a natural preservative in cosmetic products. it can also be used to adjust the ph-level and prevent natural cosmetic products from becoming too alkaline. citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes and oranges, contain high levels of citric acid.

• baking soda is chemically known as sodium bicarbonate. the natural mineral form of sodium bicarbonate is nahcolite; it is often found dissolved in mineral springs. bicarbonate of soda is a white, crystalline solid but appears as a white, fine powder for cosmetic and culinary purposes. you can use it in natural cosmetic products to smooth the skin, clean and as a deodorant. it is also used in baking recipes and as an antacid for indigestion and heartburn (when mixed with water).

with me so far?  of course you are. so, now it's all about the chemistry:

combine citric acid together with bicarbonate of soda and the dry ingredients will not cause a chemical reaction. add in water, however, and the mixture starts to produce carbon dioxide bubbles – aka: the fizzle!  in simple chemistry terms this means: acid + alkali + water = carbon dioxide bubbles

how often should I fizzle?

as often as you’d like! these 100% natural ingredients are not only safe for daily use, but will actually improve your overall skin health when incorporated into your regular skin care regimen!