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mission green

the why

i decided to use green in the 'truth' color scheme for a few reasons:

  • it's my favorite color. (as evidenced by my bedroom, my car, my golf bag, etc.)
  • all 'truth' products are made using only 100% natural ingredients. (and what color says 'natural' better than green?)
  • i adore this beautiful planet we call home and i want it to thrive! (i've seen quite a bit of it already, but my travel 'bucket list' is still miles long!)

i strive to use only materials that can be re-purposed and/or recycled in every step of the operation - from manufacturing to packaging to shipping.  it's almost never the least expensive choice - but it's the right one!  

here's how i'm doing it:


my ingredients are largely purchased in bulk (which minimizes the environmental impact of their travel) and all of the boxes, containers, bottles and jars they're delivered in are recyclable.  

all of my equipment and tools (pots, double-boilers, stirrers, measuring cups/spoons, towels, aprons, etc.) are washed and used over and over and over again!

outside of the occasional paper towel and my ultra-flattering hairnets (i presume you'd prefer your body butter arrive without any long, red hairs included), there is quite literally zero waste generated during the manufacturing process!  


as a consumer, i was sooooo incredibly fed up with paying for a bunch of useless, nonsense packaging...extra plastic everywhere, tissue paper, cellophane, ribbons...just extra, unnecessary junk!  i don't want it, i don't need it...and mother earth most certainly doesn't want to deal with it!

for those who have already tried a few 'truth' products - or even if you've just cruised the photos here, on the website - you've likely noticed that i use very clean, simple packaging - all of which can be re-purposed or recycled:

  • amber, glass bottles for the facial oils and anti-aging serum
  • clear, glass jars for the body butter
  • steel carry tins for the balm bars
  • foil wrappers for the bath fizzles

now...about the lip balms...*sigh*.  this is only product i've yet to find a truly workable solution for. these tubes are the only plastic i use at present - and while i've found eco-friendly options (paperboard push-up tubes), they're so insanely expensive, the lip balm prices would skyrocket!  the one bit of good news is - these tubes are, indeed, recyclable!


    for those have already received a shipment from 'truth', you'll have noticed that my cardboard shipping boxes are sturdy enough for reuse and my packing material consists only of eco-friendly starch peanuts!  not only do they make for a wonderfully protective fill material, but you can either:

    • save them for sending out those 'last-minute' holiday gifts. (you know who you are)
    • feel safe just throwing them away. (they're completely biodegradable)
    • do what my siggy other does: dump them in the sink, spray them with the water hose and giggle like a maniac as you watch them dissolve! (yes, i'm totally serious)

    'truth' is an almost entirely digital business, so the only paper I use is the packing list included in your shipping box...and i'll never use any packaging or protective material that isn't absolutely necessary to keep your shipment safe and sound while traveling!

    your part

    my sincere hope that you will choose to help me carry out the 'truth' mission for a greener, healthier planet by either re-purposing or recycling your containers when you're finished with them!  

    and, hey...if you figure out some super-cool alternate use for them, please let me know!  i'll share your ideas here so everyone can learn!