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safety first

the obligatory disclaimer

‘truth’ products are formulated using dilution ratios well below the recommended thresholds for safe application and usage; however, please take a minute to read through this super-important stuff anyway.

I know it smells amazing - but please don't put it on toast

‘truth’ products are meant for external use only. i sincerely doubt they’ll taste very good, anyway - so please don’t eat them.  

if you're preggers - or want to be soon

i am not a doctor - shocker, right? so, please talk with yours before using 'truth' products if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant soon.  some essential oils can be harmful when you have a bun in the oven!

and about your other little people

many essential oils can be safely used on toddlers and older children in small quantities; however, since i'm still not a doctor, please talk with yours before using any 'truth' products on the kiddos.

mixing with your meds

while most essential oils are perfectly safe to use in diluted form while taking various medications, there are exceptions.  once again, no medical degree over here, so please talk with someone who does have one before using any 'truth' products containing essential oils if you are taking medications.  you can read more about the possible interactions here and, in even greater detail, here.

yes, it's true...I'm nuts - for nuts

most ‘truth’ products contain nut oils and/or nut butters and all ‘truth’ products are manufactured where these ingredients are present. if you have a nut allergy, please do not use ‘truth’ products.

all the other allergy stuff

everyone’s skin is different. while i strive to use only the purest ingredients available, you may discover that you’re naturally allergic to something i include in my ‘truth’ products; therefore, i always recommend that you do a patch test on your skin prior to incorporating any product into your skin care regimen.

the patch test - no sewing skills required

to patch test a product, apply a small amount to the inner arm and leave for 24 hours, watching for any reactions. if none occur, repeat this process on your neck, applying a small amount and leaving for 24 hours, again watching for any reactions. if the area of skin looks healthy and feels great then you’re more than likely in the clear!  of course, if any redness or irritation occurs, rinse the area thoroughly with water and discontinue use immediately.

newsflash - the sun is really, really strong

certain edens garden citrus oils (grapefruit and lemon) are considered to be phototoxic to some degree. it's a big, scary word, i know, but this simply means that they will enhance your skin’s sensitivity to uv light (both natural and tanning bed). while all ‘truth’ dilution ratios are well below the established thresholds at which phototoxicity can occur, i still recommend that you follow up your use of any 'truth' product containing one or more of these oils with an application of your favorite spf product should you plan to be exposed to uv light for an extended period of time.

it's gettin' hot in here...

some 'truth' products contain 'warming' oils, such as black pepper, clove, cinnamon bark cinnamon leaf, ginger, peppermint and wintergreen. these powerful oils are absolutely wonderful for increasing blood flow and promoting healing; however, you’ll want to be extra careful with them on the more delicate skin of your face, neck and other 'sensitive' body parts as they may cause skin irritation or a stinging/burning sensation – unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing (hey, I’m not here to judge).

what we use

'truth' proudly and exclusively uses edens garden essential oils in our products as well as 100% pure beeswax, nut butters and carrier oils