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'orange spice' sugar scrub



'orange spice' is what your mind and body have been craving!  this grounding blend combines the deep moisturizing benefits of sweet almond and miracle combo of citrus, spice and herbals to heal and repair damaged skin while encouraging collagen production.  Coupled with the skin-renewing glycolic acids provided by gently exfoliating white sugar, this blend will smooth, tone and hydrate the skin. each jar contains 12 oz of body scrub.


using a clean, dry spoon (to preclude the introduction of water or bacteria to the mixture), measure out small quantities as needed from jar to palm of hand.  massage in gentle circles over entire body for even exfoliation until sugar has dissolved. rinse lightly and pat skin dry gently to ensure the moisturizing oils remain on your skin.  


essential oils of sweet orange, cinnamon bark/leaf, gurjun balsam, camphor and eucalyptus with 100% pure cane sugar, coconut oil and sweet almond oil.


always exfoliate gently to prevent skin irritation and always do so prior to shaving - this will not only prevent skin hypersensitivity, but the oils will provide for a smoother shave!  always reseal jar tightly to ensure no water can enter the mixture. contains nut oil, for external use only.  please refer to the safety first page of our website for additional information and instructions.

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